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OBJECT festival for people, objects & circus

Performances, lectures, films and artist meetings on magic, visual arts, coding, juggling, acrobatics, DJ craft, music, cocktails and theater. This year Object explores machines and mechanisms. Painting Machine by Leena & Kalle Nio features a unique machine that creates pieces of visual art. Objet Nature by Cie Les Intouchables connects a piece of artificial ground to a counterweight stage machinery using water as the movement-controlling element. Mario the Maker Magician uses programming and robotics for creating puppets and characters that perform magic on their own.


Festival Schedule

19 Oct, 2021

18:00-20:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Kimchi and Chips

Artist Talk

Free of charge with pre-reg.


20 Oct, 2021

18:00-20:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Circuit Playground Workshop


Would you like to build a blender that also plays music? Or your own robotic pet? This two-day Circuit Playground Workshop introduces you to the skills required to create artworks that utilize interactive technology through simple examples. No previous experience in programming or working with electronics is required.
Circuit Playground is an Arduino compatible microcontroller, e.g. a small programmable device, which includes various built-in sensors, LED lights, and small speaker. The device allows you to, for example, build interactive interfaces, develop experimental music instruments, and embed surprising functions to everyday items.
The instructor of the workshop is media artist Matti Niinimäki, who has worked with interactive installations and experimental electronics in numerous performances, artworks and research projects.
All the necessary electronic parts and tools for the workshop will be provided, but the participants should bring their own laptops.

Send us email if you are interested in participating.

Free of charge with pre-reg. Limited capacity! FULLY BOOKED

21 Oct, 2021

18:00-20:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Circuit Playground Workshop

Workshop Day 2

Send us email if you are interested in participating.

Free of charge with pre-reg. Limited capacity! FULLY BOOKED!

22 Oct, 2021

19:00 @ Cirko

Cie Les Intouchables - Pénélope Häusermann: OBJET NATURE

A square of nature as if torn from the earth, and a human body moving with it. Unearthed roots float in the air as if lost in a vacuum. The tearing has just taken place, so the consequences are not yet visible. This unique aerial piece created by Pénélope Häusermann is performed by acclaimed aerial artist Manuelle Haeringer.

Duration: 27 mins.

Race Horse Company & DJ Polarsoul: Tattarmossen Skit

Four circus artists and two clowns emerge from a portable toilet bringing with them abandoned circus acts and forgotten pieces of gold. All to the sounds of DJ Polarsoul who spins his sound archive to grab and shake everybody in the room. This partly improvised, partly sketched and very likely a collection of clashes and off-tempo fumbles collaboration is an Object-unique event.

Duration: 40 mins.

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23 Oct, 2021

13:00 @ EMMA

Leena & Kalle Nio: MAALAUSKONE


What happens when a Painting Machine is put in charge of creating art? EMMA Areena presents Painting Machine, a mesmerising performance-installation that combines magic with visual art. The work is the first collaboration by Leena Nio (b. 1982), a visual artist renowned for her multilayered paintings, and Kalle Nio (b. 1982), visual artist, magician and theatre director. Blending performance art and visual art, the installation includes weekly live performances in each of which a new painting is created.

Duration: 30 mins.

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15:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Pénélope Häusermann

Artist talk

Free of charge

16:30 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Mario The Maker Magician

Live-streamed lecture on applying Arduino tech in magic

Mario "the Maker Magician" Marchese is a NY-based touring family performer, author, and creator who has appeared on Sesame Street, Universal Kids, HGTV, and live on tour with David Blaine, who calls him "the best kids magician in the world!!" Mario's 2020 lecture for magicians earned him the esteemed Penguin Magic Lecture of the Year award, and his ever-endearing robotic magic social media sensation, Automabot the Cardboard Robot Magician, is definitely trying to take over his job.

WebsiteMario "the Maker Magician"

Free of charge

19:00 @ Cirko

Emil Dahl: HOLY

HOLY is virtuoso circus in minimalistic form. Emil Dahl spent more than five years researching ring juggling. In HOLY his findings on balances, shapes and patterns are presented in a dogma -style setting squeezing grandioso juggling inside a small frame.

Duration: 45 mins.

Old School with Elvis

Finland’s leading fire-eater is by no means a professional DJ. Altogether escaping the modern notion of a DJ as someone who has more mp3 files than you do - and knows which button to push - Elvis is just a person who saved his early 90s rave vinyls. And then downloaded some mp3s. Elvis plays a track to follow the track that came before the next track and does not speak between the tracks. Just open your mind and join the night in motion in the age of love.

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24 Oct, 2021

15:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

The Mad Magician (1954)


”Meow”, says the magician’s assistant, as she is sawed in half with a buzz blade. Magic tricks turn nightmarish in the horror film. Don Gallico is a master at devising magicians’ illusions and tries to establish his own stage show as Gallico the Great. The coulisses of the magician’s life shatter, and danger no longer is only a hoax.

The American horror film premiered in 1954 directed by John Brahm, starring Vincent Price, Mary Murphy and Eva Gabor. Originally screened also as a 3D version, the film wanted to amaze its audience with circus tricks reaching out to the spectators.

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